When is the next sale?

Watch this section for news regarding when our next chassis sale will be.

Dates are subject to change. ALL sales start at 6PM Central time. If it's 6PM where I am, it's 7PM pm the east coast, and 4 PM on the West Coast.
Indiana and Arizona., you're on your own. You'll have to figure it out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dates are subject to change.
Sales update - Tentative Schedule

Next Sale - Jan 23rd, at 6PM Central time.
This sale is for Dash Group Members.
Clear Chassis and Completely Clear Hot Rods!
There will be approximately 500 clear chassis available. There is a limit of 5 per person.
With each 5, you will receive a Clear Hot Rod body.
This Hot Rod is completely clear, the pipes, roll bar and window frame have been left unchromed.
We only did 100 of these and they're only available during this sale.
See the description in the Dash Grou section of the store for further details.


Public Section Sale - Feb 6th, 2022. 6 PM Central Time running for 1 week or while supplies last.

Whats for sale?

Please see the public section of the store for what's on sale. Thank you.


Starting September 1st and the 1st of the month thereafter - Non Mondo (Classic) - 150 Black chassis will be put in the Dash Group only section of the store each month.
Beginning Oct 1st, 100 grey chassis will be put in the Dash Group section each month.
Beginning Dec 1st, 50 each of Red, White, Blue and Yellow will be put in the Dash Group section each month.
This is meant to try to keep a more constant supply in the store for these popular chassis. There are limits. Refer to the Dash FB Page or your email you received regarding details.

From time to time we might include other colors in this monthly 'restocking'.


Misc. notes....

Postal Tracking USPS Tracking numbers are weird. I have daily pickup service and oftentimes my packages aren't scanned in when they are picked up, or when they get to the station. The tracking will sometimes show no movement at all until it reaches a new sort station or it's been delivered. So essentially, USPS tracking at times is useless. If you email me for more detailed tracking info, I'll tell you exactly what you'll see online. I have no control over USPS and their tracking system.