When is the next sale?

Watch this section for news regarding when our next chassis sale will be.

Next Sale

Aside from a total of a couple hundred chassis we have of various colors that we'll be using for RTR cars, we are sold out and waiting on parts.

This is a tentative schedule, subject to change...

Sometime in June - RTR cars featuring bodies by Model Motoring and N-Rora, all on IROC chassis. All will have 2 lam 16 ohm arms. There might be some Dash bodied cars as well...

Three lam 16 ohm arms will be in stock around July 20th.
Early to mid August there will be a black chassis sale. Minimum 1000 chassis, possibly 2000. No limits.
Late August through September. Pink, light blue and lime green chassis. 500 of each. There will be limits.
Stay tuned for more info.


Parts Availability


PLEASE READ... Fray has approved a Dash 3 lam, 16 ohm armature. The extra lamination makes this arm weight compatible with the 2 lam 16 ohm Aurora arms.

Updated 5/7/18..... The first run of these armatures is sold out. We will have more sometime around July 20th..

5/18/18..... So what is the deal with not having these in stock?
When we did the first run of these, it was a small batch, 2000 pieces. I specified 16 ohms of resistance per pole and 1/3 of the run was under this spec. So before I ran another batch and possibly faced again with too many under spec arms, I wanted to make sure the factory was on the same page. That's why getting these back in stock is taking so long. I have asked the factory to tighten their variance. Arms are ordered and will be here around July 20th.