When is the next sale?

Watch this section for news regarding when our next chassis sale will be.

Dates are subject to change. ALL sales start at 6PM Central time. If it's 6PM where I am, it's 7PM pn the east coast, and 4 PM on the West Coast.
Indiana and Arizona., you're on your own. You'll have to figure it out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sales updates (and other stuff)...

Dash Update. December into next year... (long read)
This schedule is tentative and will most likely change.
All chassis are T-Dash Classic chassis unless otherwise stated.

Next sale - Sunday, January 19th.

This sale will be for black chassis. (sorry, no '100 lots' this sale).
The sale is at 6PM CENTRAL time, as always. It will run for 2 hours or until sellout, whichever comes first.
I'm not sure how many chassis will be available.Selling tubs separately is impacting the number of chassis I have for this sale. I'm hoping I can get at least 1500 ready. Limits (if any) will be based on how many are available. We might make a few hundred with the 10 ohm arm as well.
All chassis will have our Cragar 5 spoke wheels. All these chassis will also be using the tubs with the new stampings! This sale will be singles only. I'm not sure if/when I'll do another 100 lot sale.

In the next 4 weeks or so we should have the AW Boss 302's. I have IROC chassis planned but at first the bodies will be available without chassis. The reason being I can't get 3000 black and the IROC chassis made at the same time. So look for an IROC chassis with Boss 302 chassis sometime in February.

March/April - The return of clear chassis.

May - more black chassis
June/July - Grey chassis.
Other updates...
Look for a body sale on kits like Hot Rods, Henry J's and 442's. Trying to work this in for this Christmas so if it happens, it will be soon.
Yes, we will be doing a brown chassis. It might be Mondo, not sure. It will be most likely in the Fall, giving you resin dudes time to prepare your 'Barn Finds' cars. The AW Barn Finds release in my opinion, is genius.
Another black Mondo release is not planned at this time, due to too many other projects to get to. But I plan on making a small number of RTR cars available over the next few months using this chassis. These cars won't be restricted to group members.

Work is progressing on our A-Dash, which in our adaptation of the AFX (non-mag) chassis with traction magnets added. I like the non-mag chassis because I can use all current T-Dash parts, and I like the brush setup better.

Look for this chassis in a limited release probably around April-ish..

After the release of the A-Dash, we will work on finishing the extended version of this chassis, which will fit AW 4-gear bodies.

Misc. notes.... Postal rates Postal rates have gone up. We are eliminating our free shipping, sorry.

Postal Tracking USPS Tracking numbers are weird. I have daily pickup service and oftentimes my packages aren't scanned in when they are picked up, or when they get to the station. The tracking will sometimes show no movement at all until it reaches a new sort station or it's been delivered. So essentially, USPS tracking at times is useless. If you email me for more detailed tracking info, I'll tell you exactly what you'll see online. I have no control over USPS and their tracking system.