When is the next sale?

Watch this section for news regarding when our next chassis sale will be.

Dates are subject to change. ALL sales start at 6PM Central time. If it's 6PM where I am, it's 7PM pm the east coast, and 4 PM on the West Coast.
Indiana and Arizona., you're on your own. You'll have to figure it out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dates are subject to change.
Sales update - Tentative Schedule - Mondo Grip, Clear, More Black T-Dash 'Classic'

- Updated 3/3
Factories are starting to get back to work. Looking to stock up on some much needed parts.
I am low on some parts, like pickup shoes. This will affect some of these sales and could push them back a few weeks.


March 15th, 6PM
1200 Black Mondo Grip.

Wheels will be chrome reverse (deep dish).

All chassis are 10 ohm with compression molded motor mags.

There might be limits.
March 29th, 6PM
These will be in the store until they are gone. There is no time limit.
March 29th, Singles of the Boss 302's with and without matching chassis*.
There will be 200 of each Boss 302 with chassis. The cost is $32.50.
There will be another 150 of each color Boss 302 without chassis available. Cost is $15/ea.
Individual chassis won't be available.

Mounting screws are included.

Chassis configuration:

All chassis will have the following:
3 lam 16 ohm arms
Killer Bee motor mags
Cragar chrome 5 spoke wheels

*The blue chassis is much darker than the blue Boss 302 body.


April 19th, 6 PM

Combination sale.

***The sale for clear chassis has been postponed and will happen later in the year. Date TBD.
Black T-Dash Classic

All chassis will have the following:
3 lam 16 ohm or 3 lam 10 ohm arms
Killer Bee motor mags
Cragar chrome 5 spoke wheels

There could be limits. Stay tuned...

Misc. notes.... Postal rates Postal rates have gone up. We are eliminating our free shipping, sorry.

Postal Tracking USPS Tracking numbers are weird. I have daily pickup service and oftentimes my packages aren't scanned in when they are picked up, or when they get to the station. The tracking will sometimes show no movement at all until it reaches a new sort station or it's been delivered. So essentially, USPS tracking at times is useless. If you email me for more detailed tracking info, I'll tell you exactly what you'll see online. I have no control over USPS and their tracking system.