When is the next sale?

Watch this section for news regarding when our next chassis sale will be.

Next Sale - Black Chassis - Mid to late January.

The sale will be at 6PM Central time. There will be no reservation lists. There are roughly 1000 available, no limit.

For people in the Facebook Group, all sales information is posted in that group. For the non-FB group members, you will receive emails soon for this sale.

Because of the limited nature of these chassis and the closing (or drastically scaling back) of the chassis business in the next year or so, we are not adding anymore members to the Dash Group. We can't keep up with the demand the way it is. Sorry.

There might be a 4 color IROC sale before the end of January (red, white, blue and the original darker green).
Stay tuned for more info on future sales.

Parts Availability

Armatures and magnets are no longer available separately. Brushes, shoes and springs might be back in the store by the end of the year. Truth be told, it's just too time consuming to count or weigh, and bag these things.